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Alert: Point Bridge Open

Bridge/Road Closure Levels

The following are guidelines for flood preparation. Actual elevations and timing of actions may vary depending on flood event specifics. Residents are reminded to check with latest updates from the City
River Stage (feet)Impact
27.0Action Stage - Prepare for flooding
28.0Flood Stage
34.04th Street underpass at Gateway Drive closes
36.5River Heights Trail Head & Park closes
40.0Eagles Point Trail Head & Park closed
40.0Point Bridge Closed due to water on approach
43.5Downtown Invisible Floodwall construction to begin, River Street closes
43.5Demers Ave closure to be assembled, Demers Ave closed at River Street, Sorlie Bridge closed
44.0River Road and 17th Street NW closure to be assembled, River Road/4th Street NW closed from 17th Street NW to 5th Ave NW
46.512th Street NW Road closure to be assembled, 12th Street NW closed at River Road
47.04th Street NW Road closure to be assembled
47.0Hill Street Railroad closure to be assembled
48.52nd Avenue NE at 2nd Street NE closure to be constructed
48.5Bygland Road at the Murray Bridge closure to be assembled. Murray Bridge closed.
50.1Hill Street closure to be assembled
52.0Close railroad at US Highway 2 with Earth Closure
52.0Close Kennedy Bridge with Earth Closure
53.5Close Highway 220 with Earth Closure
55.0Close Business Highway 2 with Earth Closure
57.0Mallory Bridge closes
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